Glenn has over four decades of experience driving innovation and results with his clients. Through his personal struggle with paralysis he has discovered that we are capable of overcoming challenges that often seem insurmountable. Glenn encourages audiences to look challenges in the eye and have faith in what’s possible. 

Glenn draws on the following three themes to inspire his audiences to reach high and realize their aspirations. 

o Ambition – Pushing the Edge of Possibility

o Adversity – The Wisdom of Adversity

o Resilience -- Bounce Back: the Practices of Resilient Leaders

Theme: Ambition - Pushing the Edge of Possibility

 “Aim high and prepare to be surprised!”

Most of us underestimate what we are capable of achieving. As individuals, we fear personal failure and risk losing that which we think is vulnerable. As leaders, we question our organization’s ability to execute on ambitious goals. The result in both cases is compromise and regrets. 

· What would it take for us to aim high and be surprised at our results? 

· How do we get our organizations to stop playing not to lose and start playing to win? 

· What are the assumptions and processes that are getting in the way? 

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Theme: Adversity - The Wisdom of Adversity

  “Many things are important but few things really matter!” 

At some point in our lives we will face a form of adversity that will forces us to rethink our life and beliefs in a profound way. 

· How is it that some people don't recover from trauma, yet others flourish? 

· For those individuals who do flourish after adversity, what lessons are learned in the experience and the recovery that can inspire certain individuals to go on to do great things? 

· What wisdom is gathered through this experience that makes a person feel that they can go beyond what they thought they might have been capable of prior to the tragedy? 

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Theme: Resilience - Bounce Forward

“People won’t remember how far you fall but rather how high you bounce forward.” 

Resilience has gained special urgency in today's unstable and unpredictable world environment. In the business arena, resilience has found its way onto the list of qualities sought in leaders. How we conduct our lives prior to adversity determines our ability to survive the adversity. But, resilient leaders go beyond survival. They find meaning in the adverse circumstance and become stronger. We marvel at their achievements and become inspired by their spirit.

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