Glenn partners with leaders to push the edge of what’s possible, challenge constraining assumptions and pioneer new sources of value. He teams with both individuals and organizations to aim high, take action and realize aspirations.

Coaching Leaders
In today’s politically correct environment it is often difficult for leaders to get “straight talk” from their organization. Truth is often shaded to make people look good or hide bad news. Many Board relationships have shifted from support to inspection. Increasingly, leaders feel isolated.

Today, more leaders are turning to season peers to provide wisdom and perspective on pressing career and business issues. Effective coaches must possess five important characteristics: empathy, commitment, practicality, focus and ambition. Glenn has over four decades of experience in working with executives to achieve extraordinary results. He has a track record of personal and organization achievement.

As an independent “thought partner”, his insights can cut through the fog of uncertainly. Whether it is sorting through a series of tough choices, confronting unexpected adversity, revitalizing ambition, rekindling life passions or executing on a new path, his outside experience can crystallize your thinking and encourage you to take action.

Raising Ambition
The growth strategies that have worked in the past are no longer effective. Primary markets may have matured. Products may have commoditized. Once growing businesses now drain energy from its leaders. Leaders feel beaten down by their daily struggle. Bureaucracy has replaced possibility. Individuals have a myopic vision of the future that is often constrained by bloated operating costs, cumbersome business processes and bureaucracy. We work with leadership teams to:

  • Re-set ambitions
  • Re-capture entrepreneurial spirit
  • Challenge outmoded assumptions and beliefs

Alignment – Moving Forward Together
If everyone had to agree with every decision, how would anything get accomplished? It wouldn’t. While some teams have difficulty deciding what to do, others get bogged down in debating how to do it and who should be accountable. In an effort to get each member of the team to agree, action and time are sacrificed. High performing teams learn how to debate, decide and go forward together. That is team alignment in action. Alignment is not agreement. Rather, alignment is discipline of team members moving forward together during execution after being heard in debate.

  • How does a team debate openly?
  • What conditions need to be in place for a team member to align behind a decision once it is made without second guessing the decision?
  • How do leaders get decisions to “stick” and be owned by his/her peers?