• Dear Santa

    It has been many decades since I last wrote to you. Sorry. I wanted to thank you for that train set you left me in 1957. I wasn’t so crazy about that shirt and corduroy pants you delivered the following year. My mom said that you wanted to make sure I looked good when I went back to school in January.

    I am not writing this year for myself but rather for my grandson, Jack. As you probably know he is only three years old. He’s not sure about this “letter thing”. Why can’t I just text Santa? I told him you don’t have a smartphone.

    Jack wanted me to remind you that he has been a good boy this year. He is wondering if you could arrange a ride on Thomas the Train. He would like to meet Percy and Toby also. He would like the PAW Patrol to come to Hingham so he can play with Ryder. He thinks that his baby sister, Isabelle, has been good this year and you can bring her a gift also. He thinks she might enjoy a pickup truck!

    Jack asked me what I wanted from Santa. I told him that you and the elves have your hands full keeping up with all the good boys and girls, but that I could use a better memory.

    Santa, while you are out delivering with the reindeer could you bring some things to others? Here is my list:


      • For the families whose lives have been devastated by fires and hurricanes this year,
      • For the refugees and immigrants seeking peace and a better life
      • For the poor, hungry and homeless who live day to day


      • For those who suffer from abuse and domestic violence
      • For those that are trapped by opioid addiction
      • For those who struggle with debilitating health issues

    Civility and Humility

      • For our elected officials and public servants


      • For the military soldiers and first responders
    • Curiosity, Wonder and Safety

    For all children


    Of course, we all have an inner Santa – an opportunity to show appreciation to all the people this year who have made our lives richer and easier. Make them feel special, because that’s what the holidays are all about.

    Happy Holidays from Glenn Mangurian

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