• Dear Santa

    It has been a few decades since I have written to you. Well, maybe more than a few decades but who’s counting. I recognize that you and the elves are busy reading letters and preparing for your deliveries. I thought I would add one more letter to your stack. I have identified 12 items that I am requesting for children of all ages here and around the world. While each of these items is a gift, none of them fits in a box. They may not cost money but they are priceless. Maybe you could load them on your sleigh and deliver them over 12 days starting on December 25th.

    1. Kindness to friends, family and strangers
    2. Safety for those vulnerable and insecure
    3. Tolerance for differences and respect for human dignity
    4. Compassion for those who struggle with relationship and health challenges
    5. Forgiveness to those who have hurt us in the past
    6. Perspective about things we don’t quite understand
    7. Hope that tomorrow will be a little better than today
    8. Peace where there is war and strife
    9. Gratitude for our abundance of things and rich relationships
    10. Courage to face our fears
    11. Faith that things will work out for the best
    12. Happiness for our children and their children as they pursue their dreams

    I know it is a long list. A gift of even one of these to a person in need can change the world.

    Of course we all have the power to be Santa. Aren’t the holidays all about giving a gift to somebody just because you feel like giving and not expecting anything back? Yes, we all have an inner Santa, and an opportunity to show appreciation to all the people this year who have made our lives richer and easier. Make them feel special, because that’s what the holidays are all about.

    By the way, thank all of you for reading my monthly essays.

    Happy Holidays from Glenn Mangurian


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