• Thank you for your service

    As I write this week’s column on Tuesday, Election Day, thousands of Hingham voters and over one hundred million US citizens are making choices about who will lead our country and represent us. By the time you read this, the results will be decided by “We, the People”.

    While Election Day receives much attention, let’s not forget Veteran’s Day, Friday, November 11. Veteran’s Day celebrates those who have served in our armed forces during war and peacetime. Without their service we would not have the freedoms we often take for granted. From World War II to today many of our neighbors have volunteered to keep our society safe. Military service is personal for our family. My son-in-law, a West Point graduate, served eight years in the Army including 15 months in Iraq. He and his fellow veterans have made sacrifices in the name of duty, honor and public service.

    Unfortunately not all soldiers have returned. I, along with several Hingham citizens, are members of the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Soldiers Legacy Fund (MSLF). The Fund was founded in 2004 with a simple goal: to provide educational assistance grants to the children of Massachusetts Service members who were killed while deployed on Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. The MSLF has raised over $4.5 Million and has granted over $1 million in support of the educational pursuits of its 49 families and 80 children.

    We are fortunate to be citizens of a country that despite its many imperfections, is still the most open, the most free, the most just in the world. For that we say “thank you for your service”.

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